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If I take the same course twice, will both grades be factored in to my GPA?

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This is assuming that both attempts fall in the last 60 credits and one grade is before graduation and the second attempt is after graduation.

I'm just confused by this because I figured you don't get the credits again for it, but then again I've graduated.

Also, I'm mostly interested in Queens or Dalhousie. Would this be true for them?

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Hey. Like I mentioned in the other thread, if both attempts fall in the last 10 full courses/credits, most schools will just use both grades. Some of the schools state it on their PT web pages. If you want only the repeated course (higher grade) to count, I would highly suggest calling the schools. If they make the exception they will tell you and mark it on your application once submitted. Graduating does not change this, as an undergraduate course is an undergraduate course regardless of registration status.

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