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SCS 2472: Biochemistry with a Medical Perspective

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Honestly, don't take it! I have a H.BSC so safe to say I have taken many courses in the sciences, this course is by far the worst experience I have ever had (including organic chemistry). 

A. You are forced to memorize extreme amount of information (and details) regarding various mechanisms every lecture, none of which you will remember. And thats a problem because the final exam is cumulative (and composed of over 70 lectures!) That's 70 hours of information that is to be tested mainly based on the mechanisms that have memorized! 

B. Maybe the course is diff now since the previous posts rave about the medical aspects (or were simply there to trap other students), but those aspects are almost non-existent. Each week you have around 8 lectures, which you are required to understand (or rather memorize) in 2 weeks, the medical perspective lectures are less than 20 minutes and are not even tested on the final exam! They are also very basic, stuff that you probably already know! 

C. The course does not have a lot of assignments, but the ones that are there are not much in percent-wise (but are easy). Basically, in order to make this course count, you have to do well in the final exam which is supervise (if you were getting other ideas), and consist of ridiculous amount of useless information. The final also has a written component to make matters even worse! 

Verdict: avoid it! Only take it if you have an interest in biochemistry and are looking to memorize intricate details. 


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