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You are first year and shadowed all specialties and this is what it has come down for you?

You have a long ways to go. It is baffling when there is a vast ocean of life choices out there, and people get obsessed with one specialty in their first year, and one that is the most competitive by a huge margin, with tragic stories of the best people going unmatched year after year. It is almost sadistic.

Give it time. Open yourself up to the vast ocean of possibilities out there. Ask some emerg docs if they could go back what speciality would they choose? A good chunk of them will tell you not emerg. 

This is in no way to out down this amazing speciality. But rather, it just too early to be this myopic about all that is possible for you. Wait until at least the end of your ER rotation in clerkship before you start worrying about these things. If you truly like medicine, there is so much more you are bound to fall in love with.

To answer your question, doing primary care electives will get you in family medicine, and they all overlap with EM. After all, EM is primary care. As for 2+1 CCFP, take account, it is extremely competitive to get in to. 

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