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PT clinic salary/cost

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I'm just curious to know how much does setting up a physiotherapy clinic cost on average (for the average clinic) in Canada (preferably in Quebec)? And how much does an average clinic that's been up and running for 1-2 years (with the right marketing) make (in Canada, again)? I know it is very hard to give a straight answer to these questions but I was hoping to get a range for both questions, even if the difference is huge (just to get an idea).

Moreover, do universities help students in learning how to set up a clinic, who to contact, networking, etc etc? or do they just teach you science lol?


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As you mentioned above, the $ value of a start-up clinic is going to vary tremendously by region, so it's tough to give a straight answer for that.

However, to answer your second question: yes, we are taught some of the basics on how to go about starting a PT business. At Queen's we had an accelerated (3 wk) business course at the end of our program. Our final project was to develop a PT business. For more info on this, check out my video below.

 Hope this helps!

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