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FREE 1:1 application review and mentorship from Schulich medical students!

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Hi, everyone! Applications are due October 1st and we know that a lot of you have started or are thinking about starting your applications to schools across Canada.

TL;DR: Free application (ABS essays) review for underrepresented applicants to Western - sign up below!

I wanted to let you know about Schulich Access! We're a group of 1st and 2nd year medical students from Schulich School of Medicine offering FREE 1:1 application support for Schulich applicants, as well as mentorship along the way. Our program is targeted to applicants who come from underrepresented backgrounds. We define underrepresented as people experiencing socio-cultural barriers (e.g. BIPOC), financial barriers, and/or medical barriers. You do NOT need to be applying through the official ACCESS pathway to join our group.

If you’re applying to Schulich, please complete our Application help sign-up form. Those who qualify will be paired up with a current medical student at the beginning of September. So please try to have your ABS/essays complete by then!

We trust you will find our program beneficial. Good luck writing your essays, you got this!

Read more about us and access our resources here: https://www.schulichaccess.com.

Follow your Facebook page to keep up with events: www.facebook.com/Schulich-Access-106478015275598

- The Schulich Access Team

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