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US Internal Medicine versus Ontario Internal Medicine

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I'm an IMG hoping to practice GIM in/near the GTA: Primarily outpatient but some locum ER consult shifts too. I was considering the pros/cons of training in an ACGME Internal Medicine program versus an Ontario Internal Medicine program.

USA training:

  • 3 years of GIM training (can get equivalency to a 4-year Ontario program through CPSO's Pathway A)
  • No return of service  
  • 12-18 months of (light) supervision by CPSO-approved physician – might be hard to find one (?)


Ontario training:

  • 4 years of GIM training 
  • 5-year return of service outside of GTA (severely limits job opportunities per HFO-Jobs website) 


Is my understanding correct? Would it not be easier and faster to find work after training in the States versus training in Ontario?

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