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I have a few question regarding the awards and publications section and I'm hoping for some insight.

1. Can we include posters, subsequently published as abstracts in special issues, that we did not present at international conferences? I am the second or third author on these papers. I was planning to follow the suggested format and input that into the award category. In the qualification category I would write "Poster presented at [Conference] in [City, Country/State] by the first author. Abstract was published in a special issue." I am also wondering if this would be the appropriate descriptor for the qualification category.

2. I have a participated in a few multinational studies where I was credited for collaborating data and the papers were published in relatively high impact journals. However, I'm like the billionth author in a sea of names. I'm just wondering if it's worthwhile to include them and, if so, how I would go about doing that. I was thinking of formatting it as such as "Author 1, Author 2. [et al, including ____]. Title. Publication."

I have six of these types of publications , ~four grant awards, and Dean's and President's list. I'm just not sure what to include and will be more impactful. Thanks for the insight.

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