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Does GIM have 24 hour in house shifts as attendings in community hospitals?

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15 minutes ago, IMnerd said:

I like to have some sleep during the day if possible....

GIM staff here,

The answer will depend on location/province.

I can speak for the GTA community hospitals. I don't know of any that have 24 hour call. Some places may still have 14 hour calls (6pm-8am), but the majority are 12 hours or 8 hour call shifts.


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There are some places that have this - I was told by one staff that at worst when you’re on inpatient on the weekend you can end up rounding during the day, cover ER consults overnight and all the inpatients (your own and a few other attending’s), then have to round the next day (8am on Sat to 6pm Sunday, a 34h shift)

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