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O-week: Hippocratic oath ceremony?

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I don't think Dal has a white-coat ceremony but instead the Hippocratic oath and dean's welcome ceremony. Can family attend this event? if so is there a limit as to how many can attend? when does it typically take place? in the morning or evening?

Thanks everyone! 

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Hi! Not a matriculated student yet, but I'm 99% sure family can attend and they ask you how many tickets you need (based on past threads on this forum. Can't find the link atm, sorry). Based on what I've heard from friends in the program, the ceremony is as much for parents and family as it is for you, lol.


Some itinerary from year's past can be found here to give a rough idea of what it looks like: https://issuu.com/sdforward/docs/deans_welcome_program_2021_90732c1eedd35c


Hope this helps!

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