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Guest lytefyre



I am preparing my application to UBC med right now, so I am taking the MCAT in august and getting my application prepared this summer. I was just reading the "MCAT Essentials" (the info package on the MCAT website) and a lot of it mentions stuff about a premed advisor or some kind of premedical liason who would give you information about medical school and even write you reference letters. Is there someone like that at UBC or does this apply mostly to US universities (since most of the MCAT info pertained to applying to med schools in the US).


Also, I have a question about the application process. I just finished 2nd year (I know its a little early to apply but probably best to apply early and hope for the best :) ) and have fulfilled most of my course prerequisites except for the biochemistry course. I will be taking that in 3rd year..so am I still eligible? (the UBC med website says that as long as you complete all course requirements by the April something it'll be ok) Just need verification on that.


Finally, can someone just go through a brief list of things they did for the application process, perhaps like a small timeline similar to the one on the UBC med website. I've never applied before (obviously :P ) and it'd be nice to see the whole process (ie. take MCAT in august, work on application during summer, send in application, send in ref letters, etc). If anyone could do that I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks.


Oh, btw, good luck to all the applicants who are waiting for their final results! Only a few more days left and the wating will be over. Best Wishes and Good Luck!



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Guest goodgye


I'm waiting for the 15th to find out if i get in this year, but having gone through the admissions process i might be able to help a bit.

Yes, you can take the biochem requirement this year and still be eligible (the only difference i think is that it won't be used towards your pre req average)

My timeline was approximately: start application end of july, finish mid september (although they moved the deadline to sept. 7 i think this year??). I took me a long time to compile all my experiences and find verifiers for all my activities so i'd recommend leaving plenty of time. Also, send MCAT scores and transcripts to UBC med. Wait for interview invite (hopefully!) around mid Jan, THEN send in 3 references (this year the deadline was March 10). The interviews were held around feb 24-27. Oh yeah, a couple weeks before the interview START PRACTICING FOR IT!!

Sorry if this post is a bit of a mess, but i think those are the key dates in the application process.

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Guest The Law

Thanks, always nice to hear from someone who already has gone through the process. I'm starting second year in september, and I'm probably going to apply and hope for the best in third year.


Best of luck on the 15th! :)

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Guest tigerlily

Hey Law,

I believe you need to have completed 3 years of uni before entering med school at UBC, which means you'd need to be entering 3rd year this year in order to be eligible to apply. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong! Still, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to do a "practice" application (I know my second application kicked the pants off my first one!). Also, I'd recommend doing your MCAT after 2nd year if you've completed your physics, bio, chem and organic chem prereqs. That way it's still fresh :) If you do it after 1st year you won't have taken your organic chem courses yet.

Just my $0.02 :)


PS - Just re-read your post and see that it could mean applying for med in third year, or applying now and hoping for the best for getting into med in what would be your third year, which is how I first read it :) Oh well, maybe the post will benefit someone else!

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