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Calculating GPA - What is Included? How is it done?

Guest Philo10

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Guest Philo10

I was wondering if any of you know how our gpa is calculated here in canada. I know that in the US they have a centralized organization that takes in all your grades and calculates it before sending it but what about here? Do you have to send your transcript to all the schools individually? Also, some universities say that they will calculate your cumulative gpa bases on 'all attempted university-level courses' but what does that mean? I have take Pre-Calculus (~math. 12) and Intermediate Chemistry (~chem. 12) at a community college and they transfer to Simon Fraser University, but does that mean they get calculated into my gpa?


btw. I am interested in UBC, so if any of you have any specific info on what courses UBC calculates into your gpa/percentage that would be great thx.

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