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MCAT score release

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I am applying to only UBC this year but next year I will be applying to various other US and Cdn schools. So, do I release my score to only UBC this year and then next year release it to everyone else or do I have to release the scores to everyone at the same time (I prob won't write the MCAT again). Plus, do we have to release scores every year or is it that if I release them this year then I don't have to again?



Plus, on the mcat this summer, I wasn't able to get to the last verbal passage at all and only really finished half of the second-last passage and ended up guessing the rest of the questions, but I still got 11 for my VR score. How good of a score is this? Now I am thinking I could have done better than this 11 (so I'd have a chance as a OOP at schools like Calgary) but don't want to jeopardize the scores I have on the other sections by rewriting. Is it worth it to rewrite just to increase my VR score?


Sorry about the long post:)

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psssh VR11 not to great? heh gimme a break dude :) i got a 4 the first time i wrote the test (a 9 the second time, not to mention an "O" on the writing). so you have a great score in the eyes of any med school.



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