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Omsas question (entering transcript), Please help!

Guest Parii

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Hello there,


have a question re entering the weight of the courses I have taken. I am going to a school where there are 3 semesters/yr (spring,summer,fall) and your courses may be 2,3 or 4 credits. Generally 2 credit courses are lab. for 3 credit courses I have selected the option "(1.0/Half Year/semester)" Question: what do I select for 4 credit courses? I have entered the same weight as for 3 credit courses. Perhaps, this is what I am doing wrong? My GPA on my actual transcript is much higher than the one calculated by the omsas system. I am going crazy checking the system and I can't find any mistakes...


thank you very much,

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Guest GundamDX

uh... i am not sure about 4 credit courses... I had a 8 credit course (full year + lab component each term) but I entered it as "2.0" in OMSAS... I guess for 4 credit you can do a "1.0" then a "0.5" if you want... best thing to do is email OMSAS, they are super quick with questions like these...


I remember for two 1 credit lab courses I enter as "0.5"...

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