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anyone from UBC encounter this problem?

Guest nostalg

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I graduated from UBC this past spring, and i'm applying to medical schools nationwide. I received an email today from U of Manitoba, saying that the english courses I took (ENGL 110 & ENGL112) do not satisfy their requirements!

but a lot of other school don't have any problems with these courses.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?


any replies would be appreciated

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Guest GundamDX

Hey... a friend of mine tried to apply to U of M last year and no, ENGL 112 doesn't count as the "essay" course they require... he took a higher level english course this year... I can't remember the number but he said it's actually easy... I'll post the course up once I found out what it is...


I did 110 and 112 only so that's why I am not applying to U of M this year...



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yes, if you could please let me know that would be very helpful.

Do you know if I would have to apply to UBC again to be able to register in an english course, since i've already graduated?


Thank you. Any help is appreciated!

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Guest thatuvicguy



Not much help to you, but just for sympathy's sake: I went so far as to courier my application to U of M last year having somehow missed the fact that they require some &^(*!?$ 3rd year english lit class or the like. At least you're finding out in advance! Especially for those who have taken lots of credits and have a decent MCAT, U of M is a good prospect.




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