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AP Transfer Credits and 'Title of Contact' for NAE List

Guest magz

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Hi all!


I have two quick questions:


1. Is anyone else on here using AP credits to satisfy their pre-req requirements? If so, what are we supposed to enter for course number and course title? (On my official transcript it only says ENGL 112 and ENGL 1st...becuase i have credit for those from AP Lang/Comp)


2. When we're using friends or family members as contact people (say, for travel experiences) what did you guys put for 'organization' and 'title of contact'....or did you leave them blank?



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Guest potential md

For the organization, I just left it blank on a bunch of mine for all of the items I had to use a parent or friend for. However, when you look at the preview, the Organization comes out in the front, as if the activity is associated with organization, not necessary the organization of the contact. Check out the preview and see what I mean. Once i did that, I went back and edited a couple of the "organizations" so that they matched with the activity rather than the contact person's organization.


Good luck.

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