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order of UBC sketch?

Guest blee73

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Just a quick Q:


Does the UBC sketch have to be in reverse chronlogical order (just like the employment history)?


If so, is this "order" determined by start date or by end date of the activity?



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I put mine in chronological order, as it's easier to read that way.


I ordered them exclusively by start date, but some choose to order them by start date in two groups: the ones in which you're still involved above the ones which you've finished your involvement at the bottom.


I'm sure they'll appreciate the reverse chronological order, regardless of the semantics of how it's exactly presented.

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Do your best to chronologically list things.


I can't remember what I did, but as the list got longer, there's no bloody way I was rearranging everything to make it in true chronological order. It was tedious, and a complete waste of my time.


Good luck!



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