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UBC applic - enhanced rural training

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"Explain whether or not you might be a suitable candidate for enhanced rural training opportunities."


1) would it be 'bad' to say that you're not suitable? ie would it hurt your application?


I've lived in a big city all my life and don;t have any significant experience in a rural setting. What comes close is my experience in India, where i saw the poor conditions in a hospital (but in an urban city) and my visit to a relatively rural town in India.

I know all UBC med students get a taste of rural practice, and I'm glad because I would love to gain such experience, but I don't think i'd want to set up a permanent practice in a rural town... So, really, I don't know how i should answer this question!


2) How is this program different? Is the med training entirely done in rural area? Is there anyone in this program who can tell a little on your experience?


much appreciated, thx

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1) I think that you should be realistic about it, stating that you would welcome the new experience, but would be unsure attending schoool there or practicing there full time, as you state in your post. This doesn't have any effect on your overall application ranking, but just helps admissions decide your rural suitability score.


You can still be admitted if you have a score of 0, but admissions may be reluctant to send you up north, if you are on a waiting list. Of course, your first choice location also affects this too. Overall, they try to match you up with your first choice site, so if you select VFMP, you most likely will be matched there. It's a bit of a confusing process, but it's not something to be too concerned about right now.


2) More information can be found here.







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