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Any limit of re-application?

Guest Paulchemguy

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Guest Kirsteen

Hi there,


Well, you can apply at least six times--or at least, you used to be able to. A few years ago, the folks in Admissions mentioned that they had the pleasure of calling a six-time applicant to let him know that he had been successful in that year's application. If the FAQ on the website doesn't mention it, then it might be a question to ask the Admissions Office.




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Guest physiology

I haven't looked at the site, but I believe 2 years ago it said that there was no limit as to the number of repeat applications. However, "repeatedly unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to pursue another career option."


Also before, when the application was paper based, I believed they gave you a mark for persistence, if you had previously applied two or more times. However, they don't do that anymore.



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