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1st year science student:: wondering about GPA calc

Guest blue sky

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Guest blue sky

Hi everyone,


I will be a first year science student with plan of getting into Med School after 4th year. I find that most Med School requires a GPA of 3.8.


I am wondering what is the formula for converting UBC% into a 4.0 gpa scale?


Just to stay realistic... how hard, or how common is it for students to get a 3.8 equivalent in a course?


Which science should I major in to give me a high gpa?


While considering:

Which is the most useful to current industries?

Which will give me quality research opportunities? (I heard that ubc biochem is good, but combined honour in CS sounds more useful and fun...)


Thanks for your input.

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Guest adduction

Hi blue sky,


UBC does not use a 4.0 GPA system, but rather percentages. The 2004 data shows that admitted students have (on average):


Cumulative Average - 82.16%

Pre-requisite Average -79.7%

Last 60 Credits Average - 85.18%


It is difficult to say how common it is to get 3.8 out of 4.0 because it depends on a) the student; and B) the program of study.


I also caution you about picking a major based on what will give you a high GPA. This will be a program of study that eventually you get a degree in, and if unfortunately you do not get admitted to medical school by the time you graduate you will have a degree that may not be in something you are most interested in/passionate about.


Definitely, as you said, pick something that gives you an edge in terms of research opportunities etc. Just make sure you use these factors to pick your major and don't weigh GPA as much in this decision. Medical schools are more interested in you doing well in what you're interested in, versus you doing well in something else. It's what's more exciting to you that counts.


Hope this helps,



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