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english marks and bad verbal score

Guest FungManX

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Guest FungManX

I read something pretty disturbing in another thread just now...


".. for example, if someone has low English marks, and also has low verbal and writing sample scores. They may, then, reason that this applicant may not have suitable English skills to do well in the program. Likewsie, a strong verbal score may make up for poor English marks.."


Does this really happen?

I just finished first year english ..

engl 110 - 70

engl 112 - 68


pretty much my worst marks ..

I've never done well on essays and such... so I'm expecting a low verbal when I take the mcat...


Do you guys think this will factor in alot when I really do



Anyone on the board have similar/worse english marks and still made it to the interview? or maybe even into medschool?



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Guest coastalkid



Don't worry too much about your ENG scores, however, do study your ass off for the Verbal and writing component of the MCAT.

The princeton review course helped me learn how to read the verbal sections quickly and efficiently, and I also learned how to write good essays. Don't ask me if I remember any of it though!


My ENG grades sucked in undergrad, on the MCAT I got a 9 in verbal and a writing sample of Q. Not the best marks, but I am starting med-school this fall, and that's all that matters.


Read for fun when you can, do verbal passage practice exams and writing samples and time yourself!


if you have $1000 to spend, take the Princeton Review course, or Kaplan.



you'll do fine.



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Guest scrubbed

Hi FungManX,


As I was the source of your quotation, I will expand on my original remarks a bit. I can definitely appreciate your concern.


I think that MekoMints in another thread clarifies the flagging process based on grades a bit more.


I have to agree with TKP that UBC is slightly more forgiving for poor academic performances esp. earlier in your undergrad. But, if your pre-req's are in the 60's...it's an automatic RED FLAG for the AdCom comes final evaluation...regardless whether you have aced your interview or received a perfect NAQ score.


As for the case of coastalkid, he/she earned scores in the top 1/3 of the verbal and writing sample sections and perhaps, then, was deemed to be sufficient in reading and writing comprehension. They may also use your essay to evaluate this as well. If you wish to improve your English skills with coursework, ENGL 301 may be useful.


If you wish to clarify this process a little bit more and if you are around Vancouver, it appears that UBC Med is offering info sessions for prospective applicants.




Please note respective times and locations as per below.




Vancouver Fraser Medical Program Information Sessions are scheduled at the University of British Columbia for:


Friday, July 29, 2005, 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Friday, Aug 05, 2005, 9:00am to 10:00am

Tuesday, Aug 09, 2005, 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Thursday, Aug 11, 2005, 9:00am to 10:00am

Wednesday, Aug 17, 2005, 9:00am to 10:00am




Room 324, IRC building, UBC Point Grey Campus, 2194 Health Sciences Mall


General Inquiries phone line: 604-822-4482


I believe that we all have areas that we excel at, and some areas that need a bit more work. In the case of your academics, it seems that it is English. I echo much of what coastalkid said. Instead of looking at these sections of the MCAT as a barrier, look at them as a opportunity to excel.


Personally, physics was my lowest mark of undergrad, yet physical sciences was my best section on the MCAT.


All the best.

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Guest FungManX

hey scrub,

thanks for the clarification.. i'm still feeling pretty hopeless about my english.. i read the news daily since gr 11-12, read about 3-4 novels just for the joy of it every year..


I've always enjoyed reading even when i was a small kid... i dont get it..

I just can't seem to get good marks in english


i'm feeling kinda hopeless now...

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Guest scrubbed

I can see that this is a difficult situation.


Much like a batter needs to change his approach after a prolonged slump, perhaps you need to do the same. You seem to be willing to put i the time, and that's great that you enjoy reading.


Specifically, what do you think prevents you from obtaining good marks in English? Along with friends or family, come up with some of your concerns and a plan to improve them.


Your English marks, though a little low by medical school admissions standards, aren't terrible. I wouldn't call your situation hopeless. Also, since you're addressing this after first year, you still have plently of time to improve.


A couple of quick recommenedations. One of the best ways to become a better write is to sit down and write. A good way to do this would be to practice MCAT writing samples.




Don't time yourself, but try to write an essay that would fulill the three tasks. Over time, I could see that the time you require would get shorter as you become more comfortable with essay writing.


A similar approach to the verbal reasoning would work as well.


For a practice book.




In addition, a concise style manual may be helpful as well.




Tu'um est!

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Guest MekoMints



Don't worry too much about your ENG scores, however, do study your ass off for the Verbal and writing component of the MCAT.



The MCAT writing component is easier to tackle than the verbal reasoning. My advice for the writing part is stick to answering the THREE TASKS and try your hardest to write 2 full sides or beyond. I was told that if you just complete the three tasks (your writing doesn't have to be superb) in decent sentences and good grammar, you should be able to score an "O".


As for the verbal reasoning, practice and practice. It will come!


Good luck;)

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I don't know if my first year english marks would be consider similar to yours, but they're 74/72. I don't think it's very accurate to gauge how you're gonna do on the mcat verbal based on your english marks, since doing well on the verbal section has a lot to do with practice and luck, and not so much on how good your english is. As for the writing sample, being the fob that I am, I didn't do too well. So overall, I only did "well" on the verbal section.

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Guest kellyl20

Doing well in English 112/110 has alot to do with who you have marking your paper. It may seemed unfair, but that is just the luck of the draw. Sometimes your English mark is not a reflection of your ability.

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