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From the class of 08, welcome 09

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Hey everyone, I know that you're probably sick of all those people congratulating you, patting you on the back, buying you beach homes in the Carribbean as reward for admission, you know ... typical stuff.


So, I'll forego the formal congrats material (believe me, you'll all probably go up at least two hat sizes by Wednesday of orientation - you'll understand when you get there).


I just wanted to put a word out to all of you that the 2nd year class next year will try to make itself as available as possible to you as you try to adjust to your new lives in the IMP/NMP/VFMP. We were the official guinea pigs for the distributed program and have learned quite a bit along the way about what works and what doesn't. So, don't hesitate to contact one of the contacts from 2nd year. The class council from our year will come to meet you guys and I want to stress that we'll do everything we can to make ourselves available to any concerns and questions that you may have. We have reps for pretty much anything you can think of and will make the contact information available when we visit.


Also, we can only benefit if our classes work together - eg. group buys, social events, approaching faculty, etc. So, if you guys have any concerns about curriculum, how the three sites are/aren't integrating, whatever, let the 2nd year council know and we can work together as I'm sure that any problems that come up won't be isolated to any particular year.


Specifically for those in the IMP and NMP, you may have concerns about how this distributed thing works, both academically and practically. The students in those sites will be invaluable to you - use them whenever you can.


OK, enough of that. See you in the fall.

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