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How useful is a car??

Guest Carolyn2005

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Guest Carolyn2005



I have been accepted to the East campus this year (very excited!) and was just trying to figure out what to do with my car?? Do current students find it helpful/necessary to have a car while studying? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


As well, any great neighbourhoods that you would recommend in Sudbury?


Thank you!

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Guest NurseNathalie

I'll let someone in the program comment on the car- since I don't know what your schedule is like at all.. but the city bus routes aren't the most convenient in my opinion!


I would stay away from the flour mill area and donovan areas (very high crime rates) - these areas, you will see when looking around, are much cheaper! ... but they're cheaper for a reason! there are 'pockets' of nice places around town...

the south end is nice too. New Sudbury is getting a little far to travel to school every day during 'rush hour' traffic (although still very doable)- and the valley (although beautiful little community- especially if you have a family) is quite a drive every am and pm!


what ppl do here (in Hamilton), is get a few med students together and rent a house and share expenses... that might be something to start in the Sudbury area?


You could also call the OCHO office (off campus housing office) at Laurentian University or visit their web sites. they will help you find a place that works for you (for free)...



this off campus housing service also has a ressource section- where it will tell you prices for cable, gas, etc.. and general info useful if looking at moving to Sudbury.

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Guest Icarus07



I would definitely keep your car if you're living in Sudbury.


If you have a bike and live on the South end you can probably get around ok for the first month or two, but you'll definitely want a car after that. As Nathalie pointed out, the bus system isn't spectacular, especially for transportation to the campus. On the other hand, there was some discussion of having a universal bus pass for all Laurentian students in the near future. I'm not sure if that will materialize for next year or not. If that does go through and enough students begin to take the bus, maybe the routes and schedules will become more user friendly. But I wouldn't count on that anytime in the near future.


I guess there is one way that you could get by with out a car, but that would only be if you could secure a spot in the Mature Student Residence on campus. We had a few students live there this year. I believe they may have some spots reserved for first year med students. If not, I believe last year some of the students got in touch with Student Affairs at NOSM and had some strings pulled.

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Guest Sudcyclist

If you need help with housing, please contact Liz Spooner-Young, a sales rep with ReMax Crown. If you need help with rentals she can direct you. She has helped 1st year students and is very knowledgeable.


Her cell is 705.691.3208

Office is 560-5650


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