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Guest Axolotl

Hey guys,


I've seen quite a few posts flying around regarding the makeup of our class this year. Since September, I have become familiar with the backgrounds of a fair number of my classmates...these are the backgrounds that I could think of (off the top of my head).


Postgrad & Professionals

- 3 physiotherapists

- 1 chiropractor

- 2 secondary school teachers

- 3 kinesiologists

- 1 nurse practitioner

- 1 pharmacist

- 2 lawyers

- 1 engineer with the armed forces

- 1 criticall care nurse with the armed forces

- 1 public health nurse completing MPH

- 3 registered nurses

- 1 cardiac cath lab nurse

- 1 who will complete PhD in anatomy this summer

- 1 PhD (not sure what his PhD is in..he's crazy)

- 2 MSc (probably more)



- 2 out of biology (i'm sure there are more)

- 1 out of commerce

- 1 out of drama

- i'm sure there are a few more undergrads


As you can see, there are many students in the charter class with postgrad degrees or undergrad degrees (nursing) with 2-10 years work experience. There are also those who are straight out of undergrad...

I agree with priapism that the class of 2010 will probably be a little younger than the 2009 class. Next year's students will have an upper year class to turn to for advice and assistance when needed.


Good luck with the interviews everyone!

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