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Guest iknowabc123

To show NOSM that one is interested in pursuing a medical career in the northern urban regions of canada?



One way is to volunteer in those areas...but is there anyway of showing this initiative while living in a big city?? For example, working with people that come from northern regions of ontario or taking part in associations that are involved in rural medicine....does anyone else have any suggestions??




I live in a city of around 150 000 (not as big as like toronto, Montreal)...and I feel as though because I have grown up here all my life this will be a disadvantage when applying to NOSM. Even though NOSM doesn't not require applicants to have grown up in rural communities...I still feel as though a big chunk of being accepted is based on this criteria. I'm sure that there are others out there in the same predicament...so if you feel like you're the only one out there...rest assured there are others in the same position lol :)

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