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for those out there who, like me, will be separated from family members but want to keep in touch: I just found out about this computer program that you can download for free, and it allows you to make calls anywhere in the world, for free (to other computers who have also downloaded the same software program). All you would need, is to go to their web site, download the program, have your people download the program and also purchase a microphone/earphone thingy. Aparently, there are many other similar providers out there too (ok- maybe you all know about these already, lol.. but I'm old.. i just found out!). Let us know if you are using this or other similar services, so we can get the lowdown on which is best!


you can visit skype.com and download the program there... of course, there are less 'glitches' if you both have high speed internet... and if you wish to call from your computer to a REGULAR phone, you can sign up for their 'skype out' program.. which then charges you the canadian rate of 0.017 euros per minute= which converted to CND funds, is about 2.5 CENTS per minute.. so, its better then a lot of the long distance rates out there. YOu simply pay a certain amount by credit card into your secure account, and this money is deducted as you make your calls..and you can add more anytime (especilally handy if you only want a small amount locked up in this service at a time or anent sure at first, how often you will use it).


my friend's background is in computers..and he has been using this one program for years. He said it is very safe, and is reliable.


just wanted to share with you... you can call your loved ones, without breaking the bank in long-distance charges!



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