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Guest stevetilley

For one, you can't beat the weather (its about 18-20 C during the day this time of year). :) Having grown up in St.John's, this is like a perminant vacation with respect to climate. (However, there's many downsides too... crime is alot higher etc..)


There are great research oppertunities here for undergrads, and The University of Arizona has relatively low tuition for international students (compared with other schools in the southern US).


On a less serious note, Playboy (known for their reputable college rankings) has ranked University of Arizona #5 in the US:


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Guest maximil35

wow that is a trip. i go the the university of arizona too. i'm planning to apply to memorial next year seeing that next year will be my last year at the u of a. arizona is cool but i miss being up north.

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