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Hello Everyone!

After doing an undergrad degree in the social sciences, I am returning to school this fall in order to get the pre-requisites for med school (and the MCAT).

Any advice on what courses to take?

I wolud be working part/time and to I am thinking about doing 3 or 4 courses in the academic year and one in the summer.

Of course I have to do the following:

Inro to Biology

Intro to Physics


But it is the others that I am a bit concerned about...

It is better to do physical and organic chemistry?

Or it it better to do Biochemistry and organic chem?

Or any other combination?


Is anyone in a similar situation like me?

Anyone who have been through a similar situation and can provide some advice?:rolleyes please



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Guest Biochem10

I think this question really pertains to your background. You must have general chemistry, if you are now moving on to advanced chem classes, right? Definetly take Organic because I think that that is a requirement for most schools. Whether to take physical chemistry or biochemistry depends on where you feel weak. I'm a biochem major, so I am weak in the physical sciences, so if I could go back I would have waited to take the MCAT until after I took my phys chem course. (it was funny because I wrote the MCAT the summer before i took physical chemistry I and II, if I had just waited a year, I think I would have done better on that section). Anyway, on the other hand, Biochemistry will help you for the biological sciences section, but not significantly, your intro to bio course should be sufficient. May be do a half course in phys chem and a half course in biochem, then you'll get a little bit of both.

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