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MCAT-PREP seminars?

Guest Soy

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hi everyone,

would you reccommend attending an MCAT-PREP.com seminar? What goes on during these seminars? If you have been an attendee, how useful was the information supplied?


Thank you.

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Hey Soy, I am familiar with the MCAT-Prep.com seminars as I took Brett Ferdinand's MCAT prep course in which he gave me the password to the website. I strongly advise you to read my previous post, "Richardson Prep? A big disappointment" posted August 8 on this foum.


The website gives you the opportunity to participate in discussions led by Dr. Ferdinand, and does give you access to practice materials not published in his 2 prep books (which I strongly recommend). Is it worth it? In my opinion for the prices listed, no. Also I'm not too comfortable studying off a computer but perhaps you are different. If I could have done it all over again I would've chosen Kaplan or Princeton.


Hope that helps!

The Liposuctionator

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