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AAMC practice test 6

Guest pp15

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just wondering what you guys thought of the test.

i found it slightly more challenging than practice test 5.

the verbal section didn't have any crazy passages (liek the picasso one on aamc5 ) but over all seemed a bit tougher.


i'm still confused about how one should use the practice tests a as a predictor for the MCAT? do ppl generally do slightly better or worse on teh real thing?

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Guest Kirsteen

Hey there pp15,


I just wrote it too, and I feel similarly. I just scored mine online though and got a hell of a shock. I've been scoring comfortably in the double digits all summer for VR, but today I just got mashed to bits. Bio was a bit shocking too (although in a much more freaking positive way, thankfully) as I found the passages pretty "thought provoking", but managed to snag an 11.


I double your request for response re: the predictability factor, because man, did I get a jolt.


Time to get away from the MCAT stuff and chill this eve... Studying may resume tomorrow!




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Guest ioncannon97

i haven't written this test yet (will on wednesday), but based on the scaled score at the back, it seems like it was designed to be at the same difficulty level as IV and V.

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Guest dfenst

I can shed some light on the predictability factor which I have on some other threads so forgive the redundancy. If you are taking Kaplan or Princeton Review, it's important to understand that these courses are designed to overprepare you for the real MCAT. If you look at the scoring grids, you can see that the same number of right answers on a Kaplan test would have given you a higher score on an AAMC test. I would say that most people should score higher than they did on their Kaplan or TPR course based on the easier grading, and that the AAMC tests are good predictors of what to expect at the real MCAT. Realize, however, and I've said this many times before, that you will be at your sharpest on test day. This is an important thing to keep reminding yourself of. If you sound stupid saying it out loud, then say it quietly to yourself!


Good luck!

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