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underground LMCC advice?

Guest meemk

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Hi- i'm a returning Canadian from the states and am starting to take the MCCQE's. (gulp.) If you have any advice as to where I could get this "toronto book" ...if it is even helpful, or questions to study from (for either I or II), that would be so wonderful. cheers...

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Guest DrSahsi

The University of Toronto MCCQE 2004 Review Notes: www.mccqenotes.com


I used it extensively when studying for the MCCQE Part I. It's a good book for review, but if one is learning new things, I found the point-form format sketchy at times. But it is designed as a bulleted highlight review, so it does what it's meant to do.


It is carried by many university medical bookstores.


As for old exams and questions, medical classes at many schools tend to pass these down from year to year. Such resources tend to aggregate with the final-year students as they gear up for the MCCQE Part I.


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Guest UWOMED2005

They've run out of copies of the 2004 edition across the whole country. 2005 should be coming out in January.


I don't know of any old copies of the LMCC. The U of T MCCQE notes are a collection of key points you should have picked up from every specialty, not a set of old exams.


My understanding of the LMCC is that if you've been a solid student the whole way through med school (and have a broad base as every area of medicine is tested) and your english skills* are good enough, the LMCC is not bad at all. There are very few failures at UWO year to year. And if you do fail, you have the option of writing it again in May of your PGY-1 year - it won't affect your residency program status.


*From what I've heard, the sad thing is that is not uncommon for some of the failures on the LMCC to be from International Medical Graduates who unfortunately might have the medical knowledge to pass the exam, but don't have the grasp on the English language to understand the questions.

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Guest macmed04

Actually, I found the practice test that you can buy from the MCC to be really helpful. In Hamilton, there was also a copy shop on Main Street that everyone knew about that you could buy a set of the old "practice exams" (I don't know what it was called, because i borrowed my few sets of practice exams from a friend who'd gone to U of Ottawa). Of course they're not exactly like the real thing, and aren't endorsed by the MCC, but I found them really helpful in terms of practicing multiple choice questions and getting an idea of areas I was really weak in. The practice stuff online on the MCC website was really helpful too.

The only thing I really studied from was the U of T Notes, though I did have to refer to other books here and there for more details when I really didn't know certain sections. Also don't forget about how things are weighed (6 equal areas: internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, ob/gyn, psych, and population health and legal etc), because that meant I thought you got more bang for your buck studying peds, ob/gyn and psych, and less worrying about optho, derm, ortho etc.

And when it comes to writing the exam, if you pace yourself you should be fine. The worst thing I think you could do is spend so long agonizing over one or two sections that you end up not having the chance to even look at a section at the end.

Hope that helps a bit!


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