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hi ,

i am aphysician working in muscat.i have passed my mcc qualifying exam part1 and am appearing for the qualifying exam part2.i would be grateful if anybody can inform me about the clinical textbooks followed for history taking and examination in the specialities of medicine,surgery,obsgynae, paediatrics and psychiatry.

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Guest Littlest Zooropa



I passed the LMCC Part II using the Toronto Notes




but these are point form, and really are just a REVIEW tool. They won't teach you the material, just help refresh your memory.


In medical school, the recommended texts were:


History and physical exam = Bates' Guide to Physical Exam

Surgery = ?

Medicine = Harrison's textbook of internal med (also known as the bible)

PSYCH = Kaplan and Saddock (most people used the "Concise Textbook")

OBGYN = Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology by Moore and Hacker

PEDS = various


Don't forget an ATLS book (all my classmates took the ATLS course and we had the textbook provided during the course).


Good luck!


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