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Doing electives with whom??

Guest pasoo

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Ok guys,


Im confused..in my second year of Mac and freakin out about cARMS...gotta question to ask you experts out there...


is it better to do an elective with the program director, or someone who does full time clinical work but has the rank of a lectures, assist, prof?


the reason why im askin this is that i find that when you work with the program director, the positive benifits are that you get to meet the head cheese of the program and make a good impression assumin you know your stuff..the downside is that 1) he/she except alot 2) will be extremely busy with clerical/teaching work, such that you will not spend enough one on one time with you to get a good letter of reference., in addition to learning nothing


what about working with someone who is faculty member, but is the rank of an instructor/lecturer (m.d. though)? the postive benifits are that if they have ful time clinical work, you can learn lots from them and get to know them one-on-one and they can write you a good letter of reference...the negative aspect is that because they do not have "high" positions at the university, they may not be "known" amongst the selection committee and thus their letter of reference may not carry much weight (whether this is true or not I dont know)


can anyone shed some light?? thanks guys

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Guest McMastergirl

Well... you ask. There isn't really any other way.


I agree that you don't have to work directly with the program director, but you should definitely meet with him or her while there.

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Guest Sarah371

What I did was e-mail the department....as a result I was given a schedual to work with several people during each elective. It got me known by the departments and gave me a better overall impression of the department. I do however second McMastergirl's recommendation....it is imperative that you meet with the program director while you are there. To 1)express your interest in their program and 2) to make your face known before the selection process.



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