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International electives in developed countries

Guest Kirsteen

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Guest Kirsteen

Hi there,


Calling all current medical students or recent graduates who have undertaken international electives in developed countries... :) If I gain entry to medical school, I'd be interested in pursuing some international electives in the developed world, e.g., the US, Europe, Scandinavia and/or Japan. One of my pals in the UK did this for her electives and found it to be a highly worthwhile experience as she managed to work within a huge facility that specialized in her intended area of practice (Obs/Gyn). I know at least a few of you have completed electives in countries of the developed world and I'm wondering if you could possibly share some of your thoughts. Here are a few areas about which I'm curious:


1) Where did you complete your elective and what elective was it, e.g., Obs/Gyn, general surgery, etc.?

2) Was language a barrier at all if English was not the first language of that country?

3) Did you see anything that you felt you wouldn't have seen or experienced in a similar elective within your medical school's facilities?

4) Were you given a decent amount of hands-on experience to increase your clinical skills?




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Guest Ian Wong

Floating back to the top... A lot of these threads appear to be pretty decimated after the June 2005 hacking attack on EZBoard. Still, I've restored these threads so if you have a similar question, you can reply to these threads and hopefully someone will answer you!



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