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Guest Ert123

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Guest Ert123

Hi, sorry if this has been asked.. I'm wondering where to send the final transcript. The program website mentions the Admissions Office, but I remember sending the term 1 transcript to the registrar's office (in administration building with T6G 2E2 postal code), and a letter back in october saying to send everything to the office of registrar and student awards (which i thought would just be the registrar except that it has a postal code of T6G 2M7). So since there seems to be 2 registrar addresses, I'm thinking of sending to the admission office... but any confirmation would be great.



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Guest DoNair

I am assuming you are not from the UofA. (If you are from the UofA then you don't need to send any transcripts)


The Registrar's office and the Medicine Admissions office are 2 separate places on campus. I think you should send your final transcripts to the Medicine Admissions office as they will be the ones using the transcripts.


Here is the address (from: www.med.ualberta.ca/ugme/...ochure.cfm )




2-45 Medical Sciences Building

Edmonton, AB T6G 2H7

Telephone (780) 492-6350



Hope that helps.


And to all the others out there, please correct me if I am wrong.

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Guest Braveheart

Hi MedAnxiety,


According to the UofA website




they need to receive the final transcript by June 15. That seems pretty rushed... maybe you should give them a call to tell them the situation with UBC or get it and FedEx it to the Ad Committee ASAP. Best of Luck!

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