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This Might Help With Muscle Anatomy

Guest Dr Love

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Guest Dr Love

There is a website called study stack that allows you to create online flashcards (sort of). I decided to make a section that deals with muscle origins, insertions, actions and innervations, and I thought that some of you could benefit from the site. The web address is www.studystack.com/java-s...frames.jsp

but if the link doesn't work just go to studystack. com and in the medicine section there is a heading called Origins, insertions, actions. There are also lots of other cool sections that deal with many other topics. So if you don't mind studying off of a computer you should check this site out. (I think it would be better to use this site for review, than to try and learn from, but it could be helpful in both instances). If you do find it interesting let me know, and if you spot any errors (I was pretty careful, but there still may be some), post them on this site and I will be sure to change them ASAP


I hope this helps at least some of you


Take it easy :P

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