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interview questions--help!!!

Guest monkey

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Guest monkey

hi everyone,


i am having a very hard time accessing the interviewfeedback.com website, and i would really like to hear some of the questions asked during the interview session by those who have already been accepted and all the others who have done the interview and are waiting to hear back from them. i would really appreciate any help and any types of questions (or even other urls) that can give me a better idea of waht to expect on the interview day. my interview is in a week and half's time and i am very very worried.




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Guest Kirsteen

Hi there monkey,


Judging from my own interview experience, take all the questions you can imagine being covered and add about fifteen percent! That is, prepare for everything and anything, and when you meet some of the surprise questions, you may be at least calm enough to wrap your mind around coming to an effective answer!


As to things less general, are there any specific, conceivable interview topics in which you feel weak, e.g., ethics, Canadian health care system foibles, etc.?


One of the biggest pointers I can offer you which I feel helped me immensely: practice talking to yourself out loud!


Cheers and best of luck,


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Guest missing Manitoba

Hi monkey,


Good luck with your interview! I was challenged on some of my answers, but my interviewers were really nice and supportive. :) (I bombed anyway because of 1st interview jitters. :rolleyes )


These are some of the questions I remember:

What are some of your strengths?


What are your weaknesses?


Why the U of A?


You share a practice with another doctor in a rural community. It's the other doctor's night on call, and you've got plans that were made weeks ago. The doctor's wife calls you and tells you that her husband has been drinking heavily and is in no state to take his call. What do you do? The doctor's drinking becomes pretty regular. What do you do? (The wife might also have been a doctor in the practice, but I can't really remember...)


How do you deal with a patient coming to you with a problem but already fully loaded with information (and a self-diagnosis that you don't necessarily agree with) from the internet?


A patient is self-medicating with a number of herbals and believes they will work. You believe she would be helped by conventional drug treatment. What do you do? How do you respond if she refuses your treatment?


An activity was chosen out of my resume. I was asked about conflict within that activity and how I dealt with it.


Who is your greatest role model?


There were also a couple of other questions about how I would deal with patients in certain situations. Unlike a number of my fellow interviewees, I was not asked about privatization/the Mazankowski report/Alberta healthcare.

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