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Tulane, Boston, & other Q's

Guest eve76

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Hi everybody,

I'm kind of behind the rest of you and just starting to get secondaries and have a couple of questions.


If anyone applied to Tulane, did you submit their online secondary application before you received any notification from them?


If anyone applied to Boston U, do you know if they have secondaries? And does everyone automatically get one?


Also, how did you guys pay the application fees to the individual schools from Canada? Some of the schools say that cheques must be drawn at a US bank, can we do that from here?




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Guest Kirsteen

Hi there,


On the chequing question, I got around this by writing "USD" after the numerical dollar amount on the cheque. My bank (Royal Bank) automatically converts the amount on the cheque to US funds, according to the exchange rate on the day of processing.




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Guest thesaug

Hi eve,


I did not apply to Tulane, but did apply to Boston. Everyone does get a Boston Secondary, and in fact, there is no secondary. They will send you a letter requesting $100 for the fee, and to get your letters forwarded.


For paying the fees, if you have access to a USD account, you can use that...or get a money order to pay the fees.


If you want help for Tulane, check http://www.studentdoctor.net


Hope this helps you out!



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