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Out of Province GPA conversion??

Guest RXK

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i was just wondering how to convert individual grades from UofT to the Calgary scale. i've taken a look at UofC's grade conversion scale(files.myweb.med.ucalgary....uide.doc), but i'm still a little confused about it. for example, does this mean that a grade of 91% (from UofT) and up equals a 4.0 whereas, 80% (from UofT) would only convert to a 3.4?... also, when UofC decides who to invite for interviews, do they only consider the 2 year gpa at this point, or do they look at the entire academic record (cGPA)?





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Guest Kirsteen

Hi there,


For your latter question, Calgary uses the 2-year cut-off to whittle down the applicant pool initially, but the entire academic record is assessed (among other factors) to determine who will receive an interview.




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