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Guest seedstrike

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Just saw the letter/comic that you guys sent out with the interview notices - amazing job! Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve(s) on the interview weekends!

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Just got my letter and am super excited! It's one thing to know the cutoffs, but it's so much more official (obviously!) in letter form. I'll second QM6 - the comic strip is great...very creative! Looking forward to seeing some of you on March 28!! Any advice about the interview??



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Guest Ian Wong

Hi there,


Let's leave this thread alone as a link and announcement to the above website, and we/you can start a new thread in the Queen's forum for specific questions on the interview itself. I'm going to close this thread, but obviously the Queen's moderators can re-open it as they see fit to add in other announcements, make corrections, etc.





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Guest seedstrike

Thanks Ian,


I prefer to keep this site locked. If any class of 2008 website related messages do arise, I (or another moderator) will post them here.


On a side note, Congrats turtle. See you on the 28th. Since you mentioned the comic strip, its now available on our website for anyone else who would like to read it. Our Pres/VP did a great job on it.

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Guest seedstrike

New additions to the 2008 Prospective Student Site include:


1. An FAQ.

2. Writeups by several First-Year Students on their experiences at Queen's and during the interview.

3. List of accomodations in Kingston.

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Guest seedstrike

Hey Guys,


'What's Up Doc?' is now available for download from the Queen's site. This is basically a survival manual for incoming med students and is filled with tons of usefull information. The manual was prepared by past and present Queen's med students.


The hard copy version of the WUD will be mailed to you once you make a firm committment, but until then, you can download this and learn more about Queen's Meds.


meds.queensu.ca/~whatsup/WHATSUPDOC_2004.pdf (Right click and select save as)


Edit: You will need adobe acrobat or reader to view this PDF file.


Edit #2: Seedstrike, Moderator, Queen's Med 2!!! Can't believe the year's already done, and i survived!



Sections covered include:

1. Welcome

2. Before You get here

3. Queen's Univ

4. Queen's Medicine

5. Career Planning

6. Extra Curriculars

7. Keeping Sane

8. Financial Issues

9. Guide to Kingston

10. Spending more Money

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