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Neat article about Medical Genetics


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Here is a link to a detailed 10 page article from the New York Times. It outlines the unique career path of Dr. Morton. He treats the Amish in an isolated US community. The article explains that while many in the field are far removed from their patients (most genetic diseases being rare and thus having patients spread around the world), he is able to meet with his patients regularly over the long-term... From the article; "And no doctor in the country treats more of those than Holmes Morton. Among his 700 pediatric patients, there are more than 60 rare disorders." He left a highly academic setting to set up a clinic for this small community without any grants, and works with the community to keep the clinic running. If interested, the link is...




PS Would love to be able to develop a list of links to similar articles that describe unique career paths for MDs like this one...please share your own links if you have them!

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