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MCAT Scores' Impact

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Hi all,


I know it says on the website that UofT requires minimum 9 on each section and minimum N on writing sample. I'm just wondering, as long as I meet this minimum, then i'll be ok right?


The MCAT scores then won't be looked at any further? A higher MCAT scores doesn't make you more advantageous does it? I already submitted my app to UofT; but you know, I just really want to know.


Any advice appreciated! Thanks!



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Hi there,


You should be fine. In the past, UofT has relied on the MCAT scores as a flag only, i.e., a screen to reduce the size of the application pile and not much more. So, as long as you meet the minimums--which you've done--then you should remain in consideration.




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The MCAT scores then won't be looked at any further? A higher MCAT scores doesn't make you more advantageous does it?
As far as I know, once you meet the cutoffs it doesn't matter at all. Your interviewers, for example, don't even see your MCAT scores.
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Are you sure it's just used as a flag?


It probably has some impact if you have a 40+?

I have no idea if there is a correlation where people with MCATs of 40+ are more likely to get in -- how would anybody know? Those numbers aren't published, are they?


I find it highly unlikely that U of T is outright lying on their admissions materials when they say that it is used entirely as a flag. Of course, I'm not "sure" of anything. I'm a student at U of T, and I don't have any particular 'inside information'. Only the faculty and staff on the admissions committees can know exactly what they do.


2) How is the MCAT used in the application process?


The MCAT is not included in the overall academic calculation, but is used as a "flag." Less than minimum marks will jeopardize the success of the application.

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Or is it rather the fact that exceptional individuals with 40+ MCATs tend to have fulfilled/exceeded all the other criterion as well? There's a correlation between high MCAT and the other activities?
MCAT marks are correlated with all sorts of things.


I'm the complete opposite. I wouldn't mind if UofT focused more on the MCAT/GPA since those are my strong points.
I'll echo the comments by peachy and Kirsteen: MCAT = flag, not more.


Kuantum: VR--ouch! Did you have a sense that VR was going to be tough? Perhaps a misgrid of your answers?

So, a 31S. Will UofT still consider me? I am a 3rd year OOP with a higher GPA than UofT's typical average.
I'm doubtful... but you can give the admissions office a call to get a better sense of where you're at. Getting in from third year is tough.


Would two 8's send a red flag? I've heard of people getting in with 7's though..hmm, what is worse, one 7 and everything else > 9 or two 8's and the other section > 9?
Personally, I think 8's are worse... 'cause your overall score (VR+PS+BS) is probably lower.


As, I mentioned in the other thread-- with low MCAT scores... you have to think about re-writing :eek: the MCAT. If you're curious about re-testers and scores-- the AAMC has some stats here -- here are the VR scores for retesters. Good Luck.

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