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TO accomodation- Oct 28-Nov 11


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4th year med student here from U of A coming to TO for a 2 week elective at St. MIke's from Oct 28-Nov 11th and I'm having a super hard time finding a place to stay...tried torontomeds.com but they seem to be largely outdated.


Does anyone have any other suggestions or know of anyone renting out a room or subletting their place? If so, e-mail me at vanand@ualberta.ca



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When i got my acceptance letter from UofT, i got another package of pages that gave us a bunch of people willing to rent out their places/rooms. Did you receive those ? Granted, they are kinda expensive, but it's better than NOTHING at all :)


I'm also in Toronto for the month of November (4th yr at ULaval) - at Sick kids though. Good luck with your two weeks rotation!



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tried torontomeds.com but they seem to be largely outdated.
In my experience, the forum there is actually fairly well-used--I've had many responses when I have posted ads a few times. I think it's more likely that the people reading it don't have a place for you to stay. :(


Another option is http://theresidence.net/; it's very close to the hospital but supposedly not all that nice. Still, for only two weeks, most of which you're going to spend at the hospital, maybe it'll work for you.


If you're still stuck, if you google "toronto short term rentals" then there are a variety of companies that will rent out an apartment for a couple weeks, although some of them start to get expensive.


You could also try emailing the Office of Student Affairs. Occasionally they forward messages from people looking for short-term accommodations to the med student email lists, which basically reach every med student at U of T.


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