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Usually if you have a four honours degree with good grades you can access most graduate degrees.


Of course there will be some with different prerequisites. For instance, I looked (briefly) at one at Queens where you do fine art restoration, and you needed a whole bunch of prerequisites that I as a science grad wouldn't have.


I don't think any one undergrad degree will allow your to pursue ANY postgraduate degree. You'll just have to look individually at those you are interested in.


Sorry if that seems like a non answer. Also, do you mean graduate studies, or professional degrees, because that will be different as well.

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Hey there!


Researched-based grad programs are really about finding a research supervisor that wants you. (and you will be more desirable if you have funding..or at least potential to get funding) Programs may have minimum requirements in terms or coursework, so look into the various schools you may be interested in (often though for grad school, you go wherever the supervisor you want to work with is, rather than picking the school specifically). However, if you are deficient in certain coursework your supervisor thinks would help your research, it is not unheard of to have arrangements made to complete what is lacking in your first year.


Keep in mind though, many grad programs don`t have alot of coursework. Grad school is about research productivity. So you will want to try and do some summer research or honours thesis to demonstrate your research potential.


And grad programs in pharmacology absolutely exist!


So, find a few researchers with whom you think you would be interested working with and start networking!


Good Luck!


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fine art restoration eh? hmmmmm interesting.


Yeah, someone I know did this degree and has been spending the past 8 months in Greece restoring old statues. Her daily routine consists of art restoration from 10am-2pm, a siesta, followed by a swim in the Mediterannean, a 6pm cocktail hour, and large banquets (usually twice a week)...<sigh>...


Her experience is probably not representative of the entire profession, but the job sounds interesting, indeed.

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