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A full course load (15 credits) in one or more semesters


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Hey guys, I've taken 30 credit hours 1st year, and 27 in years 2,3,4 but I will graduate this year with my Honours degree and 126 credit hours, as I've done my honours thesis and a few other courses in intersession?


Does this significantly hurt my chances at McGill?



If I have less than a full course load (15 credits) in one or more semester, can I still apply? The Admissions Office screens for students who complete their degree/program in the allotted time, namely at an average of 15 credits per semester or the equivalent of 15 semester hours; the purpose being to see if the applicant can handle a full, intensive, set four-year medical curriculum. Applicants who extend the length of their program (e.g. take 5 years to complete a four-year degree) significantly reduce their chance of acceptance. As a general rule of thumb, the average course load of regular sessions should calculate to no less than 14.8 (15.0 is recommended). Applicants who have a lower number, or who have conducted part-time studies at any point in their program/degree, may wish to include an explanation as part of a separate letter of extenuating circumstances. Applicants who have followed the syllabus of their program, yet still have more than one instance of less than 15 semester hours should submit the program/degree requirements for their application dossier, giving a explanation of their program/degree outline from their institution.

It is important to note that full-time student status and a full course load do not have the same meaning. One can often be a full-time student, but not follow a full course load.

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