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Clerkship- in Regina or Saskatoon?

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I have a feeling that my question may go unanswered because there are not many upper year med students or residents that read this forum anymore, I think...but I'll throw my question out there anyway.

I'm wondering whether it's a better idea to complete Phase D in Regina or Saskatoon?

I've heard fabulous things about doing your JURSI year in Regina. For example, there are less JURSIs and no/little residents in Regina, so there's a smaller preceptor to student ratio. Plus, for the same reason, you get exposed to more things and return essentially with the same experience as a (first year) resident.

However I have trouble believing this, because if it were true, why would the College struggle to find enough volunteers to go to Regina?

If anyone can help clarify the misconceptions for me and list some Pros/Cons, I'd be most appreciative!

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No one will be able to give you the answer your are looking for. There are pros and cons to staying S'toon/going to Regina. For the most part, everythign you mention about Regina is, from what i've been told, true. RUH is packed full of med students and residents trying to get as much exposure as they can. Logically, you are much more likely to get lost in the mix in S'toon, and while oppurtunities will always arise to get actively involved, it may be more difficult (as JURSI's, we are at the bottom of the totem pole).

In Regina, however, the JURSI's are more appreciated because they are so few and far between. The people I've talked to have had experience that most people in S'toon do not get. Having said that, its not the best teaching environment; organization is poor at best and the doctors there are less academic (and, as such, teaching is not a strength; this is not all inclusive...i've heard great things about many Doctors there). Responsibility seems to be greater in Regina (but, this could entirely be student specific...those i've talked to have been quite 'hands on' throughout their clerkship).


As far as the "experience of a first year resident" statement goes. I would have to disagree. While it is more hands on.....we are fresh off probation.....there may be a little funny stuff going on there (as far as O&G stuff goes), but for the most part, rules will be followed quite closely. Im not sure who told you that, but maybe ask them to clarify what they mean....From the fourth years i've talked to, they all seem to be on par with eachother...and the great clerks arent program specific.


"However I have trouble believing this, because if it were true, why would the College struggle to find enough volunteers to go to Regina?"


Because the water tastes like ass.


JK......but honestly, contrary to the general public's perception of med students, most of us do have lives....Choosing to stay in S'toon was (for me, and most of my classmates) was more of a personal decision, rather than a professional one. If you look at those that volunteered to go to Regina...most of them did so as a group (i.e. 5 or 6 buddies would go together).



In general, U of S JURSI's are well trained, and we are recognized as being so throughout Canada. Most of our students match to their first choice discipline, and this is definately a reflection of our JURSI program (in S'toon or Regina).


After all that rambling, what is better? Its entirely up to you. I opted for S'toon more for personal reasons rather than for academic differences....i hate Regina (i've spent enough time to know that), and I enjoy S'toon. I did not think that going/staying would greatly hinder me in any way, or put me at any great advantage. There are probably more similarities than differences between programs, and this will probably become more pronounced as the years pass.


I hope that made sense.

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That sounds like pretty much it. I think a lot of the hesitation to go to Regina, at leats in my year, was worry that residency programs would prefer Saskatoon JURSI's over Regina JURSI's. If that IS a big concern for anyone, all you have to do is make sure to spend some elective time in Saskatoon, just as you would do for any other program you want to impress. All the people I've known who did JURSI in Regina loved it. Good luck with the choice.


....and the water tastes fine...

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Maybe too late for you to make your decision, but I'll answer it anyway in case someone else has the same question. I'm a cardiology fellow at U of S, and was IM chief resident last year and did interviews and file reviews.


I would say that the only way doing JURSI in Regina would jeopardize you is if you want to apply to a competitive residency in S'toon. If you want to do family, or if you want go elsewhere for residency, don't sweat it.


When it came to CaRMS last year, we all knew the internal U of S applicants who did JURSI in S'toon - just by encountering them on the wards during their rotations. For the applicants from Regina, we were like "WHO????" Basically they were unknown entities - just like out-of-province applicants.


For the most part this was okay. The problem is that sometimes you have an applicant who you KNOW is absolutely stellar, however they look mediocre on paper. In this case, the internal applicants have an advantage and can be bumped up in the ranking. I guess the point is, if you want to do your residency in Saskatoon, make sure to show your face there during elective time even if your clerkship is based in Regina.


As far as going to Regina - I haven't gone personally, but the JURSIs and residents I have spoken to do cite "more hands on and independence". Some of the rotations get stellar reviews (ie. neurology). Others are quite a bit less organized.


I agree with the above posters as to reasons why people don't want to go to Regina. I don't cherish the thought of leaving my husband for a month to go live in a university residence setting with a bunch of other students/residents. Commuting back and forth is a pain in the a**. If my program mandates me to go to Regina, I will fight it tooth and nail... but it's for personal reasons not academic.

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