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I just tried logging in and was able to get through. Anyways, here are the questions:


1. List your employment record. (Maximum 15 lines)

2. List and briefly describe your most significant, top three awards or achievements. (Maximum 15 lines)

3. List and briefly describe no more than three areas where you have provided a major leadership role. (Maximum 15 lines)

4. List and briefly describe no more than three areas where you have demonstrated a commitment to volunteer work. (Maximum 15 lines)

5. List and briefly describe areas which illustrate that you have a diversity of experience in aspects of your life. This may include, but is not limited to, work, travel, career choice, sports, arts, fluency in other languages and research. (Maximum 15 lines)

6. Is there anything else relevant to your application that you feel the committee should take into consideration? If not, please type 'NO'. (Maximum 10 lines)

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Just a quick question regarding filling in the personal attributes section:


When they say 'list and briefly describe,' how are you approaching this? Are you guys listing each activity (in a point form) and adding a description or making a complete paragraph where each activity is described through it?


For example, in the employment history section:


My past employment experiences at Company X as a Y, at Company Z as a A have helped me...




Company X

- Performed...

Company Z

- Developed...

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