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Hey everyone


As background, I will be going into fourth year next year. However, I know that getting into medical school and let alone receiving an interview (at a non MCAT school) is still quite the challenge… I was just wondering if by this small ‘sketch’ of mine, if anyone can tell me if I appear to have a good shot at Ottawa for an interview or realistically will I have to probably keep on working on my sketch.


I took a hit in one of my years and it dropped my wgpa , it will be most likely 3.8ish after this year. I am from Ottawa.


My other activities aside from academics (just a bit of the longer ones)

Volunteering at a hospital for about 5 years now

Being a part of a student executive for 3 years as well as many different student activities on campus.

I have a year of paid research experience focusing on diabetes and going to be doing research again in the summer but no publications whatsoever

Have played in about 2-3 intramural sports during the year

Starting to work at a medical clinic and also I am involved with a volunteer research position at another hospital for this summer


My other activities I have done have been restricted to a limited time period here and there. I will be applying to the English. And if anyone who received an interview would be able to list their stats that also would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for any imput!



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Hey premedgirl101


I think your chances are pretty good. I received an interview twice at Ottawa and my wGPA the first time was even lower than yours (as an Ottawa resident you will be fine).


Your EC's seem pretty good, you seem well rounded in a sesnse you have done hospital volunteering, research, sports ( I think being commited to a sport or an activity for a long period pays off), and your involved in the student body at University.


Now dont quote me because no one really knows how they add marks for the sketch, but I was told by someone who knows a bit about the process that you never lose points for anything on the sketch, the worst the can happen is that you wont get points for it.


Anyways best of luck and hope that helps!

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Yes, I have to agree with the previous posters...


A lot of getting into med school steps beyond a formula of past activities and is also about working on your interviewing skills and being able to demonstrate your interest and motivation for medical school.


For example, with your experience working in the clinical setting such as a hospital, I would imagine you would have an idea of what interests you about medicine (fields of interest), why you'd like to study medicine, what you think the challenges of being a doctor are, why you'd be a strength to the class etc.


But you'd be amazed as to how many people might have a good profile but simply, and quite importantly, can't verbalize it well enough. Others may not have worked in a hospital or clinical setting but they light up when they talk about their experience in working at a children's day camp or seniors home and you can tell their experiences have really influenced their career choice.


Let your passion shine through, and sure, you have a great shot...


Good luck,



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