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the CaRMs Statistics

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For anyone interested, a quick access to last year's stats




I am a little confused about these stats, if cardiac surgery is so competitive? why did 100% of applicants match? I thought this was a very competitive specialty so i am a little confused about that, the only explanation i have is that everyone thought they weren't good candidates and didn't bother applying and a very small handful that thought they were comptitive applied and got it

Even for opthalmology, ~66% who applied matched


are they considered very competitive because all the applicants are really strong and there really is no big variability in strengths/weaknesses so its really hard to cut anyone so applicants need to work hard to get that inch up over everyone else? (in comparison to med school when you have a lot of people whose gpas are from 3.6 - 4.0, and variable ECs from no hospital volunteering to tons of volunteering so its 'easier' to cut out people)

Its just my wacky interpretation, Im sure there's something im overlooking.

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Wow, im surprised at how many spaces were open for internal meds and general surgery.

Hey there,


That was last year. This year, there were apparently no Gen Surg spots leftover after the first round of the match.




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