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Thinking you can go through O-week without booze is like thinking you can treat a hypertensive asthmatic with a cardioselective beta-blocker. In theory it might be alright, but it's bound to have disastrous consequences. The best part of O-week is being able to act as stupid as you want, because no one will remember it was you. Unless it involves tequila. And ambulances.

Ok, back to studying.


Seriously though. Go to O-Week.

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What is this "Appeal Deadline" that has to occur "within 10 working days of mailing decision letters?" Is it for those who were not accepted and feel their scoring was unfair or incorrect in some way?


From what I gather from the pdfs and such....


10 days after you get your interview status, admission status, etc?


It's for people that felt there was a problem in the process? If it was the interview, then action should have been taken within 3 days after the interview. As for the scoring being unfair or incorrect, virtually everyone that doesnt get in will think that :P Some people that were surprised to get in will think that too :D


Either way, I would hope people only go that route if a serious problem occurred. Not simply, "I thought I did awesome on the interview, but I got 5th quintile or my stats are better than the average acceptance and still I didnt get in, I call shenanigans." My personal opinion is wait for the feedback, if there were any problems, hopefully it gets resolved at that point.






"At all stages of the process, should candidates wish to have their applications reconsidered by the Admissions Committee, they should direct their request to the Chair of the Admissions Committee within 10 working days of the mailing of such decisions."


"Information on the reconsideration process can be obtained from the Manager of Admissions and Student Affairs. Past experience has shown that most enquiries can be satisfied at this level."


"Applicants must be aware that the mandate of the Senate Committee on Admission Appeals is to determine if the rules and process were strictly adhered to in dealing with an application and not on the merit of each application."

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I need to get that magical letter first before I can even think of o-week. Besides, if I do get lucky.... o-week = no booze for me mwhuahahaha


o-week = you get drunken goodness, then I can work on your car :P


PS superchargers are insanely loud :D, I prob work up my entire neighborhood last night when I fired her up for the first time :D

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