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Return of Service for IMGs

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Hello everyone,


I am looking at coming back to Canada for training. I would likely need to be on a ROS for an IMG spot. For anyone that is on one of these contracts I have a few questions:


1.) Do you have a time limit within which you must complete the ROS?


(I was thinking of fellowships overseas, or just work overseas in general after completing training and how an ROS could interfere with this if it specified a time limit.)


2.) Does a ROS prevent working in another province? (Again fellowships)



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Hi m0b1liz3,


As a fellow Australian IMG, I've been asking many of the same questions.


My understanding is that the RoS varies a LOT from province to province. For some of them my understanding is that people simply sacrifice a year or so of their salary and pay it back (some kind of discount?) but if you're looking at BC I've heard that's not really an option.


It also looks on paper as though for most of them (having read through in great detail the ones in provinces I'd consider going to) that you don't really have the option to do anything other than start RoS as soon as possible with no option for fellowship etc. Similarly RoS is done to completion ASAP after residency. For IM this seems to mean 4 years only - they'd be very happy to get a generalist out in a smaller community to share call.


This is only what's on paper... although the Canadian medical system seems to love its bureacracies. Sitting TOEFL today despite English being my only language was a tedious affair.


Where/when did you do undergrad? I was USyd - were a number of Canadians in my year.

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In general:


1.) Do you have a time limit within which you must complete the ROS?


Yes. In general, you must begin practice in your designated area within 3-6 months of completing the residency for which you were funded.


2.) Does a ROS prevent working in another province?






The specifics, however, can differ a lot. So read any contact you're thinking about signing very, very carefully. In general, you should assume that you are signing these contracts in blood. Most people don't realize that the "buy-out" option (if it exists) costs between $300,000 and $500,000+ (depending on province and specialty; family med is obviously less expensive because it is only 2 years of funding). Most people won't have the money to buy themselves out of their contact at the end, so don't make a deal you don't want to live up to.


If you're thinking fellowships - ask before you sign.


I can't emphasize READING the contract first enough. Look here - many of the ROS are appended, and if it's not, get a hold of a copy via the provincial contact person BEFORE you do your second round rank list.


In general, these agreements are not meant to be punitive or engender resentment. But you are responsible for going in with your eyes open: READ YOUR POTENTIAL CONTRACT THOROUGHLY AND COMPLETELY.

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